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What Is The Chilopod Project? 

Chilopod is an interactive and sentient creation. An artificially intelligent, insect-like being, it is brought to life with human touch and sound. It is designed to evoke a living organism, in order to remind us of our integration with the natural world and not our superiority to it.

Chilopod at Burning Man 2022 accompanied by the AquaZone art car with blue lights.


Note the beautiful lighting patterns by RJ and Sina. The egg pod at the end conceals our generator, and in our narrative this is the vessel that transported Chilopod to Earth.

Chilopod is coming to Playa this year!.gif

Chilopod is not just an art installation!

The Chilopod [ky-lo-pod] will premiere at Burning Man in 2022 and will continue living as a sculpture in Bay Area public spaces afterwards. Take a moment to watch this video and learn more about our vision. Show your support by clicking the button "Donate"

*Donations are tax deductible through One Future Arts Alliance 501c3. EIN #88-3057601

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