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What Is The Chilopod Project? 

Chilopod is an interactive and sentient creation. An artificially intelligent, insect-like being, it is brought to life with human touch and sound. It is designed to evoke a living organism, in order to remind us of our integration with the natural world and not our superiority to it.

Chilopod is coming to Playa this year!.gif

The Chilopod [ky-lo-pod] will premiere at Burning Man in 2022 and will continue living as a sculpture in Bay Area public spaces afterwards. Take a moment to watch this video and learn more about our vision. Show your support by clicking the button "Donate"

Chilopod is not just an art installation!

*Donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor DreamTank 501c3. EIN #83-4627931

Thank you gifts are available on request. Click "Donate" for more information.

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