"I'd been looking for a group of collaborators to create large scale organic structures, and in the Burning Man community, I've found a family who is ready to work together to make this dream a reality." It’s this passion for producing biomorphic interactive installation art that led Lawrence to establish TeamEmbrio. Lawrence’s background is in organic architecture. He studied at the University of Cincinnati and worked for Michael Reynolds, Eugene Tssui, and others before founding the custom fabrication company Metro Lighting in 1993. In 2012, he founded the West Berkeley Design Loop, a design district and business association, of which he is the executive director.


Herb is a professional computer systems engineer. He specializes in getting technology of different vintages and scales to work together in challenging environments. He’s worked on everything from Macs (back when they were black and white) to JAVA Enterprise applications and data analytics that help keep BART trains on time, and big events like museum exhibits and live music productions. More important than the technology, Herb has experience creating a playful and cooperative environment where people can do their best work and have fun while doing it. He has the resourcefulness to meet the challenges of the Playa, starting by not underestimating its challenges.


Rob is an engineer, juggler, musician, healer, and long-time burner with a knack for wires, numbers, machines, body-energetics, silly songs, crossword puzzles, sudokus, and LED-lit night juggling balls. Over the past 35 years he's designed countless computer video, graphics and camera products. He has appeared in many Renaissance fairs, parades and Burning Man events as an itinerant juggler and dixieland trumpet player. He also has a strong affinity for pizza.


Kristi first attended Burning Man in 2016 and was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer on the Sonic Runway project and join the Aqua Zone Healing Oasis Camp. These experiences created an instant love of the community and artistic creation of Burning Man. Diving in deeper each year, Kristi was excited by the vision of the Chilopod and was happy to join the amazing team creating this creature. Kristi spends her days managing complex airport operations and enjoys transferring this knowledge to support Burning Man artists like Lawrence.


Tee is very visual and easily excited. So you can imagine her reaction the first time she saw the Playa. She felt that same buzz when she first saw the Chilopod animation video. Originally from the Midwest, Tee loves living in a gorgeous, multicultural city like San Francisco with her little terrier, Marley. A veterinary pathologist and scientific writer by trade, Tee loves cooking and preserving as well as trying new dishes (fried grasshoppers, anyone?); gardening and touring gardens; and singing and sound healing. In her spare time she volunteers for Foodrunners in SF, a nonprofit organization that moves food from areas of excess to areas of need.




Galen attended Burning Man for the first time in 2015, where he was immediately bitten by the creation bug. He has been participating in large scale art projects like the Gummy Bear Pyramid ever since. At his public relations day gig, he helps companies and nonprofits share their stories effectively. In 2016, Galen fled D.C. for sunny California, after spending a decade in political communications, fundraising, and policy positions. He’s using what he learned in the non-Playa world to fundraise for the Chilopod.

Dr. Sanchez is an Assistant Professor in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program in the College of Science and Engineering at San Francisco State University. She is leveraging her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University to keep the Chilopod team cohesive and on-track. Her applied experience has included over a decade of experience in human resource management, project management, and human capital consulting. She currently researchs technology innovation and implementation, specifically looking at how organizations can integrate technological solutions to help manage personnel. 5

Circus artist and computer engineer, Igor likes to make lights display all sorts of pretty colors and is always trying to put LEDs on anything he can. He has created several LED flowtoys, as well as smaller scale installations and personal lighting devices. He was last in BRC in 2015, when he built lighting for the theme camp Temple of Fluff.

Dan first attended Burning Man in 2001 and has been every year since. He is hoping to extend his 17-year streak to at least 20 continuous years. Dan is also a founding member of Camp Bojon. Over the years, Dan has built a variety of Playa projects including Big Brother, Pulsar and the art car Sil-vi.




Zach is owner and Creative Director at Zalt Function. Before opening up his own fabrication house, Zack worked successfully across his native Bay Area in roles as widely varied as large-scale project management for Scientific Art Studio, Lead Auto Technician, logistics management for Burning Man Department of Public Works, and Event Chef. He is a connected problem solver and artist experienced in all aspects of large and small productions. If he is not working on his own art, Zack is busy threading a Mustang up an elevator shaft or making a sixteen-foot topless Monkey sculpture with epaulets.

Ria is a junior industrial design student with a minor in business studying at San Jose State University. She's passionate about creating design solutions that are practical, functional, and enjoyable.


Sonia is a Junior Designer at an architecture firm, Studio KDA, in Berkeley, California. For the Chilopod team, Sonia has been putting her efforts into 3d modeling and will soon be working on the construction drawings for the Chilopod. She completed her Bachelors of Architecture at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo in the spring of 2017 where she was able to explore design-related hobbies such as welding, woodworking, and furniture design.


Wes is a graduate student studying Psychology and really passionate about cultivating experiences that reveal connection, self-discovery, and a greater understanding of life. The Chilopod art project will his first art project for Burning Man and 2018 will be his first burn ever! He is drawn to the project because of the integration of interactive components to bring the giant insectoid creature to life. “The connection that can come from seeing a giant visionary creature respond to one's presence will surely be mind-expanding,” he says. Wes will primarily focus on data entry and file management--keeping the team organized.




"All who wander are not lost" is the slogan that Ish has been following for the last few years, and that's what's led him to Burning Man and the Chilopod. When he's not striking up conversations with strangers, traveling and writing, or up to learning some new tricks, Ish works as a Project Manager while plotting to quit and open up his own hostel one day. For the Chilopod, he is working as a documentarian, running the social media and time lapse, while lending a hand wherever is necessary.

DJ LUV-le (Faultline/Good People Productions) Anne Allison/DJ LUV-le is a sound engineer, DJ, and artist who seeks to observe, invent, record, and manipulate sound through various mediums, perspectives, and environments. As a DJ, she fell in LUV with dance music in 1997 while going to school on the East coast, and began throwing parties with her Good People Productions crew in CT and surrounding areas. As the resident DJ for the Chilopod, Anne contributed her sound editing skills to the launch video, and was a coordinating DJ for the first Chiloparty fundraiser. She is looking forward to interacting musically with the Chilopod on the playa this year!

Julia is a Junior Designer at Sidell Pakravan Architects in Berkeley, California. She has been helping the Chilopod team with 3D digital models, design drawings, and schematic renders. She recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a Masters in Architecture, after receiving her B.A. in Visual Arts & Art History at Rice University in Houston, TX. 


Katherine has never been to Burning Man, but she’s always said that if she went, she wanted to get involved with a thought-provoking art project. This is what attracted her to Chilopod. She’s using her skills as a copywriter to help promote Chilopod and get the funds to bring it to life on the Playa.


Purvi is an east coast transplant to the Bay Area and has been been eager to bring her enthusiasm and organizing skills to a Burning Man project ever since her first visit to the playa in 2015. She’s inspired by the grandeur of large-scale art and loves the challenge of community creation. A reformed lawyer who  now works in the field of economic justice, Purvi is passionate about bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to accomplish a collective goal, and is thrilled to see the Chilopod come to life this year.


Darrell is a senior designer and artist with a BA in industrial design from San Jose State and a MFA in sculpture from University of California Darrell Hunger. His default world jobs have been industrial designing and mechanical engineering related to products. This includes ten years as the Manager of Industrial design for Jacuzzi Whirlpool bath. He is presently a freelance product designer servicing various companies.


He's been attending Burning man since 2013 camping as a member of the Earth Guardians, mainly focused on Leave No Trace. He is currently the primary designer for the Earth Guardians helping the group upgrade the signage and other design projects.


In 2015 he was the CAD designer for the front spire for the Temple of Promise; this involved taking an artist sketch and executing a buildable design. The final design had 21 shippable modules. Darrell is the lead CAD designer for the Chilopod project.