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Chilopod Moves Into Her New Nest

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hello Friends,

Last Sunday was a big day. After nearly four years in storage, Chilopod returned to Berkeley and moved into her new nest! We had 26 people come out to move her from the semi-trailer coated in Playa dust to the recently cleared warehouse space at Wilson Glass. Special thanks to Tyrone of Peik Construction who drove Chilopod's trailer from Reno, and to Max from Urban Ore who brought their forklift to move the heavy sections of Chilopod's spine. We are very grateful for all of you who have given us your time for both of these efforts to get the nest ready and to bring Chilopod home. The following folks helped this last weekend:

  • Lawrence Grown / Steady

  • Camille Tsao

  • Max Wechsler

  • Darrell Hunger / Hunger

  • Harry Beal / Hap

  • Nicolas Margot

  • Scott Looney

  • Joe Cordes

  • Galen Alexander

  • Andy Steveko / Boyscout

  • Andrew Purcell

  • Bertrand Irissou / Poppins

  • Igor Dulkin

  • Bolston Jones

  • Zuzana Karjala

  • Parya Aghasafari

  • Maryam Hajimiri

  • Alireza Dirafzoon

  • Sina Solaimanpour

  • Ramin Moslemi

  • Matt MacGillivray

  • Kanta Morinaga

  • Herb Diamant

  • Ted Greenwald

  • Way Shong

  • Stuart Sands

Now the work begins to ready her for the Playa! Sundays are likely to be work days in the future, so stay tuned for more information.

Mark your calendars for our official kick-off potluck and fundraiser on Sunday, April 24. This is an all-ages event from 4-7pm at Metro Lighting in Berkeley. We have a sign-up sheet for items to bring. I know you'd rather just show up but if people don't reply we might have all desserts and no entrees, lol. Let's make it an Italian/Mediterranean food theme. More event details are on our Facebook page.

Also, we will be having a silent auction fundraiser in the coming weeks. Please bring something with you that we will auction off later. Chilopod-adjacent items of all types are welcome. Just indicate their retail value. Also, certificates for products or services are great. Restaurant gift certificates are especially popular. Do you have friends or neighbors with a business who might donate a certificate? Please ask. It's for a good cause-our planet!

Until then, celebrate Earth Day every day by making choices that reduce your carbon footprint.

Best regards,

Lawrence / Steady


Camille, Communications Manager

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