Our Philosophy

The Chilopod is an artificially intelligent sculpture.


AI goes beyond political algorithms or robotic appliances. Household objects can be integrated as the obedient organs of silicon brains. In this context a home or structure can be seen as an intelligent organism, as exemplified by the Chilopod.


The Chilopod is an architectural statement. The philosophy underlying modern architecture is that humans are superior to nature, i.e. the world is a messy place but we can create rectilinear order out of chaos. But by elevating humans above nature, our hubris has separated us from the ecosystems that sustain us. The Chilopod project challenges that notion, reveling in the complexity of nature’s design and our place within it.

The Chilopod is an environmental statement.  A warming biosphere will continue to create global crises, as a result of our neglect. Members of the chilopod class of arthropods will likely survive global warming, although some species may perish while others adapt. This "primitive" invertebrate serves to remind us that nothing is safe from human onslaught.  

Playful exploration of the Chilopod on the Playa will remind us that we are products of the earth, dependent on the natural systems that make life possible, including for the "lowly" centipede. Through this symbolic and interactive structure, we hope to inspire a new organic architecture that celebrates not separation, but our integration with the Earth and all its creatures.