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My first trip to Burning Man

I had thought Burning Man wasn't for me. But then I kept hearing about the great art and amazing projects and I got interested. I decided this would be the year. My close friends Keith and Marites introduced me to BoyScout and the AquaZone crew at a camp inventory gathering. I knew right away they would take care of me and each other. And we'd have a great time.

There is so much to say about my first Burning Man experience. Many have written about the event so I won't go into detail here. But I'll add a few tidbits that are relevant to the Chilopod project. The art was amazing, mind-blowing, world class, huge, and impressive. My favorite piece was Sonic Runway, and lucky for me their art camp was sistered with our theme camp, so I got to help a little and meet the awesome folks behind the art. They have been instrumental in aiding my development. Needless to say, I left inspired.

photo by George Krieger