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When Chilopod first surveyed the Earth, they were appalled by the state of the biosphere. “Humans are destroying this planet,” they thought. But Chilopod was not deterred. They believed in humans and knew we were capable of doing better. Chilopod had come to share their knowledge in hopes that Earthlings would reverse the damage they had done. 


A group of humans, small at first but steadily growing, accepted Chilopod’s challenge and committed themselves to make positive change. We believe that together we can heal the Earth and create a better future for all. 


You too can join the cause. Start by taking the Chilopod pledge and commit to upholding the following ideals. 


Radical Respect

Honor all life forms


Contribute to efforts and organizations that are doing good.


 Keep learning about best practices.


 Shine your magic on the world!

Personal Responsibility

Reduce and reverse social/cultural and environmental harm.


Support facts and science and work against disinformation.


Enjoy good times with others; learn through play.

Civic Responsibility

Pressure governments, corporations, and industries that are doing harm


Take responsibility for your actions and honor your commitments.


Welcome others into your world; when invited, enter theirs.

Sign The Pledge

Practical Steps


Share this pledge with friends  🌱✨

More Actions:

  • Honor the person on the street, not just your own group of friends

  • Vote; engage in encouraging others to do the same.

  • Donate money or resources to your favorite organizations

  • Volunteer in your community

  • Seek honest sources of current information; avoid conspiracies and resist fake news.

  • Say what you’ll do, then do what you said.

  • Seek out continuing education in areas of interest through lectures and reading

  • Celebrate the small joys; be open to beauty and joy wherever it finds you.

  • Do not let others influence your actions, motives, and principles: Be you.

It is not enough to not harm. We must reverse the damage already done.

Thank you, Chilopod, for giving us new hope for our troubled planet!"

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