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Fundraising Update and Dance Party Planning

Happy Thursday, Chilofans! It's a cloudy day in the Bay Area, which seems poignant with the recent passing of Larry. There's a great deal of gratitude that each of us owes to the man, because without him, Burning Man would not be this thing that it is, most of us would not have found this community where anyone and everyone belongs, and there wouldn't be such a radical platform to lose, find, and love oneself, as well as others. Hell, only an event like the Burn can bring people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world, and give us nothing but the desolate Black Rock Desert, where we willingly torture ourselves in the sweltering heat, sandstorms, and lack of proper sanitation, only to be washed away by the art, lights, fire, and love. Without Larry, none of this would be possible, and because of that, if you make it to the thing in the desert this year, be sure to stop by the temple, and leave your gratitude and good thoughts for the Man in the Hat.

The best way to celebrate Larry is to have fun, explore, and create, and so, we are. Here at TeamEmbrio, we are full steam ahead with the Chilopod. We just launched our Hatchfund campaign, and we are already more than 10% to our stretch goal!

From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank each and every one of you who have donated. We have come this far with your help, and we'll need some more of that in order to cross the finish line. Donate, share, and build with us as much as you can. We have some very cool swag perks under the pledge options, and we're constantly adding more awesomeness, so keep looking, and if you've donated already, maybe there's something there to entice you for pledge number 2, 3, 4, or 5?

Speaking of swag, our swaggerific dance party is just over a week away! It seems like just yesterday we were planning this event event, and now, it's just about here! We're ready, are YOU?! Make sure to get your early tickets, as they're going up in price soon. We have a binder full of amazing things in store for you, and some amazing musicians! Follow our social media, as we'll be highlighting some of them there in the coming days.

Until next time!

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