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Chilopod Update

Updated: May 20, 2022

Hi, friends! It's been a while since we've last talked, and boy, do we have things to share. So, let's dive right in!

Desert Arts Preview

For artists and spectators alike, the Desert Arts Preview is one of the coolest Burning Man events around. Hosted by the org, it's a platform for selected BM projects to highlight themselves in front of a big crowd of about 900! This year's event was especially memorable, since the night was defined by a heartfelt tribute to Larry Harvey, the founder of Burning Man. Chilopod, along with a select few projects, were invited to the event, and I think it's fair to say that we knocked it out of the park, while ensuring that the community is moving forward with a zeal and ambition that honors Larry's legacy.

If you are remotely curious about our presentation, you're in luck, because you can view that, along with the tribute and other presentations, by accessing the video below

Thanks to all those who showed up, inquired about our project, and showed love and support!

Hatchfund Update (now with matching grant and updated perk list!)

Thanks to everyone who donated, spread the word, and got us past $14,000 on our Hatchfund campaign. With all the fundraising efforts combined, we’re over the halfway mark for funding the Chilopod. Whew! Because of the amazing progress (again, thanks to you!), we have a 1:1 grant match for the next $5,000 raised on Hatchfund. This means that for every dollar donated, we’ll get another dollar from a very generous (and committed) supporter. You give us $10, we get $20. What could be easier? Won’t you help us meet our next goal? If that isn't incentive enough, we recently added a new piece of swag to our fundraising campaign - a wooden pendant that’s an elegant representation of the Chilopod, and yours for a donation of $30 or more - perfect for keeping close to your heart on a necklace.

In short, thanks again for all of your help in bringing Chilopod to life, and if you haven't donated, shared, or volunteered with us yet, there's still plenty of time, so come on down!

Chilopod in the News

Along with Desert Arts Preview and Playa Arts Sneak Peek, hosted by the East Bay Burners groups, Chilopod has also been getting lots of attention in the media. Both The Jackrabbit Speaks, the BM newsletter, and University of Cincinnati's School of Planning highlighted Lawrence and the Chilopod in their newsletters. Here's just a glimpse of that:

It's good to know that we're doing something good, and letters with positivity, like the ones from JRS and the UC newslette, show that we're on the right track.

Chilopod Build Update

This is where the magic happens! In addition to fundraising and getting the word out about the Chilopod, we’re working hard over at the warehouse in Berkeley. We’ve built 90% of the legs, the tech team is elbow deep in TouchDesigner code that will make those lights blink, and our fearless project manager is getting really serious these days while still making sure we have a fun time amidst the sawdust and hammering. This is what Tee, our Project Manager, has to say about our recent build adventures:

"I can’t believe how much we accomplished! You know how sometimes people use volunteer events primarily to socialize? Well not this team! Everyone worked steadily and productively while still enjoying each other’s company. You rock rock ROCK."

Do you want to see some pictures? Of course you do!

So, what are you waiting for? If you have some time to spare on the weekends, come on over, hang out, and lend a hand where you can. It'll be fun, promise!

Until next time!

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